The Palana vision

Palana was created in 2021 as a specialised advisory and service firm focusing exclusively on the Asset Management industry.

We redefine the client advisory experience by delivering high-end knowledge and expertise to address any problem raised by our clients. Our senior team members have all had a long tenure in senior roles in the industry and combine industry experience with consulting skillsets. They invest a significant amount of their time in coaching and training our more junior team members to ensure we can deliver on two of our core values:

  1. Creating a long lasting difference for our clients by working hand in hand and bringing the best experts, every time
  2. Providing a steep learning and personal development opportunity for our team members to ensure their Palana experience is fulfilling and we bring the best of Palana to our clients

Our ambition is to be the reference advisor for any question related to Asset & Wealth Management and Asset Services for European investment vehicles or international distribution matters.

Our core competencies are grouped in the following areas:

  1. Strategy and Regulatory topics
  2. Financial crime and AML/CTF matters
  3. Operational excellence
  4. Financial advisory assistance

We enhance the traditional advisory landscape by incorporating two differentiating elements in our business model: 

  1. Sustainability as a strategy: every decision made in the set-up of our company and in the running of our operations is done with sustainability principles in mind. From deciding to not use any paper for our internal processes (environment) to ensuring our employees have a real say in our internal policies, in the company strategy and in participating to the company profits (social and governance) and in all other aspects of our internal organization, sustainability principles are defined and used as key performance and success indicators.
  2. Technology as a facilitator: we want to provide an efficient environment, where our clients interact with us in the most effective way and where our team members spend their time on delivering value for clients or developing themselves. In that context, we use technology at every possible opportunity. In a “keep it simple and stupid” approach so it works easily and seamlessly and delivers results quickly and in a material way. All our processes are digitalized and our business platform is accessible from anywhere in the most secure set-up, providing maximum flexibility to our clients, prospects, team members and future recruits.