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Palana is an advisory and service firm focusing on Asset & Wealth Management and Asset Servicing.  We work with all actors of the vanilla and alternative asset value chain across the full spectrum of their challenges.

Leveraging a deep and extensive experience in advising industry leading actors of all sizes, we partner with our clients to deliver value added solutions to their most demanding needs and to develop sound observations about the future state of the industry.

Our experience spans across a broad range of topics such as growth strategy, fund range set-up, operations efficiency, distribution and product strategy, governance and organisation, outsourcing, benchmarking, regulatory compliance, AML/CTF policies, procedure and process set-up and remediation, transaction services, due diligence, etc.

Our culture is defined by four foundation pillars:

Value for our clients

We work alongside our clients to create value that is measurable and long lasting.

Each project is unique and we tailor make our services to the size and context of our clients, leveraging the experience and expertise of our team combined with strong knowledge management.

We are independent and our client interests come first and foremost in our priority list and decision making approach. 

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Development for our people 

We are strong believers in the value of coaching and personal development.

We strive to attract quality people, united by a common sense of excellence in client service, and eager to learn and grow within a dynamic, exciting and caring environment.

  Equity, inclusion and diversity are core components of our culture and our vision for business and the society around us.

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Sustainability as a strategy

We walk the talk on Sustainability and have established objective criteria to measure ourselves.

Sustainability in its broader sense, from carbon footprint reduction to fostering a working environment that promotes equity, is an integral part of our strategy and imbedded in every decision we make. 

We want our company to lead by example and encourage our teams to constantly revisit our ESG principles and objectives to increase our impact.

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Technology as a facilitator 

We invest in and use technology at every opportunity to enhance the quality of life or the experience of our teams and clients. 

We believe in keeping it simple and efficient to streamline our internal processes and external interactions.

Working from home, mobility, exchange and access to information without papers, streamlining administrative tasks to focus on client added value or personal development activities are all examples where we deploy technology to the fullest and in support of our people and sustainability priorities.

Technology is also used to protect and secure the confidentiality of the information we handle.